• What if there was a place where chronic disease wasn’t the norm?
  • What if there was a place where cancer, HIV, and disease were uncommon?
  • What if there were no rest homes because people were full of vitality?
  • What if all doctor visits were well visits instead of sick visits?

AID is the most advanced, natural approach to supporting a healthy immune system available anywhere in the world.  AID is the most powerful immune system product with 8 herbs, 30 actives, and up to 94% absorption rate due to the proprietary liposomal matrix, layering of ingredients, and nitrogen cooling processes.

Backed by global scientific studies, the research and testimonials confirm the amazing results that users of AID experience.

Advanced Immune Defense formula

    • Promotes hair and nail growth
    • Helps protect the immune system
    • Strengthens body’s resistance capabilities
    • Plays vital role in functioning of immune system
    • Supports a preventative maintenance approach to health

Manufactured in the United States, AID strengthens the immune system and promotes the healthiest immune system possible.  No other natural product comes anywhere close to supporting optimal health like AID does.  Given the premium, science-backed and clinically-proven ingredients used, AID is priced as low as possible to make it affordable for everyone.

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Why AID?

Due to the proprietary blend of herbs combined with a unique liposome matrix for absorption into the blood stream, we believe AID to be the most powerful and effective formula in the world for supporting a healthy immune system. AID users report many improvements in their overall health, which is a natural result of helping support a healthy immune system. AID is a specially formulated, natural approach to staying health and is being scientifically proven and clinically tested to help support a healthy immune system.