Feed your Muscles the Natural Whey

We know that you care about what you put in your body. So, we wanted to make Pulse the cleanest, best tasting protein powder on the planet. Pulse is the finest biologically-active, non-denatured, 100% grass-fed, BEYOND ORGANIC, Crossfit-approved whey protein. It is GMO-free, pesticide free, chemical-free, undergoes very minimal processing, and sweetened with nature’s sweetener, stevia!

If you have tried protein powder before, you’re probably not a huge fan. We understand. Most protein powder has an acidic aftertaste, chalky texture, and are sickeningly sweetened with chemical cocktails like acesulfame-k, aspartame, and sucralose.  Not Pulse. When you try it, you will be amazed. Join the clean protein revolution today!

1 Can   = 1 Month supply (15 grams per day)

2 Cans = 1 Month supply (30 grams per day)

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Making You Stronger Inside and Out

The saying “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true with protein powder. Protein isolates are heavily processed and stripped of most of the goodness that your body needs to support a healthy immune system and optimally recover from exercise. Pulse is carefully made to leave the powerful, immune enhancing microfractions—immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and albumin— in tact at the highest levels. It’s designed to make you stronger and healthier from the inside out.  You just can’t say that about most protein! Check it out…

Superior Nutrition for Superior Results

Pulse packs an impressive amino acid profile. When it comes down to it, we crush America’s top selling whey. Plus, Pulse does not have the chemical sweeteners, additives, or preservatives!

Cysteine is a powerful glutathione booster. Glutathione, aka the mother of all antioxidants, is believed to be the secret to staving off illness and disease by prestigious doctors all around the world. These same doctors recommend using a bioactive, non-denatured whey protein supplement, like Pulse, as one of the best ways to boost your body’s glutathione production!

1 Can   = 1 Month supply (15 grams per day)

2 Cans = 1 Month supply (30 grams per day)
PULSE suggested use

DIRECTIONS: Mix one scoop into 4 to 8 oz. of water, milk or dairy substitute. For best results mix in a blender or shaker. Store in a cool, dry place.  Shake jar before opening to ensure proper serving size. This is a natural product and may exhibit density, color and taste variations.

To use Pulse as a meal replacement, mix it with a banana, peanut butter, fruit, strawberries, yogurt, or other nut butters to make a delicious, nutritious meal replacement.

If you want 30 grams of protein per serving, simply double the scoop.

CAUTION: Consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing or under medical supervision.

Produced in the USA at a GMP facility.

WARNING: Reading the Science behind pulse will cause you to immediately throw away the whey protein you’re currently using and cause you to never use another whey protein besides Pulse again!


Join the Clean Protein Revolution!

*Free Shipping in US Only


Why do you LOVE Pulse?

  • “I Love Pulse because it is a super-clean protein that contains a good balance of carbs and protein with very little fat. It’s not overly sweetened like other brands, and it’s  sweetened with all-natural stevia, rather than sucralose. Whether I mix it with milk or water, it tastes amazing!”

    Anna Reed,
    Adidas Model, Personal Trainer and Pulse Fanatic
  • “I use Pulse before and after sessions with my trainers to help my body recover and fuel me to become a better athlete. Pulse tastes great!” 

    Brandon Brown
    Professional Basketball Player
  • “When I tried Pulse, my body instantly noticed a difference. I felt like I could do another workout. Other whey protein brands make me feel sluggish. Pulse tastes great. I am impressed!”


     Mel Weil
    Body Builder
  • “We were shocked to learn about the harmful substances we had been consuming in our whey protein. After using all-natural Pulse, we noticed an increase in energy, faster muscle recovery, weight management, and the ability to work out for longer periods—all without having to sacrifice the taste! Pulse is awesome!”

    Joe and Courtney Jay
    Entrepreneurs and Pulse Fanatics